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Re: multiple-glass-layer glassing question

Posted by: Mike Hanks on December 12, 1999

> Does anyone have any tips on ensuring that enough epoxy gets down to the
> wood when I try to wet out 2 layers of glass with no fill-coat? I will be
> using thin epoxy (Raka) -- am I worrying about nothing?

> Apparenly George Roberts applies his epoxy directly to the wood, then
> rolls the cloth on, which has been rolled up on 2 pieces of PVC pipe like
> a Torah (scroll.) Unfortunately, I am a one-man operation. I did a dry-run
> of this method rolling from one end, but seemed to have a tendency to run
> off the side since I left only 2" of extra cloth on either side.

> Dean


I applied my two layers one at a time, just wait for the epoxy to get a little green before you apply the second layer. Just wait long enough so that the first layer doesn't move while applying the second.


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