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Recreational Kayak

Small solo kayaks suitable for sheltered water, ponds, calm rivers and lakes.

Making Petrel Play: Introduction - Episode 1

This is the introduction to my series of videos documenting my building of a strip built Petrel Play. In this episode I describe the design, how I came up with it and what makes it special.

New Video Series on Making the Petrel Play

I've just started a new series of videos documenting the Petrel Play build I did last fall. I will be covering the whole process from buying the wood through launching the kayak. I hope to be able to release a new video every week or so. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube page so you are kept up to date on the latest releases.

Petrel "Play"

Hi Performance Recreational Kayak

microBootlegger Sport

microBootlegger Sport
An efficient comfortable cross-over kayak

Pulling Staples, Scraping and Sanding the Petrel Play

What seems like fairly boring tasks, pulling the staples, scraping off the glue, and starting to sand are actually the time your boat makes one of its fastest transitions. I always feel the raw strips, pumped full of staples, looks pretty bad. Just pulling the staples it looks better, and everything you do from now on will make it look better and better.

Petrel "Play" SG

A versatile recreational/play kayak

"Io" Childs Kayak

A easy-to-build small kayak for kids

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