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While sea kayaks were originally designed for use on the ocean, they are at home on any large body of water or in situations where you want move efficiently for a long distance. Sea kayaks are the nearest ancestor of the original kayaks created by the Inuit and Aleut peoples of the Arctic. These original kayaks were often quite narrow and fairly long. This help them move efficiently through the water even when the wind blows and the waves get large.

Making Petrel Play: Stripping the Bottom - Episode 5

Episode 5 Transcript

Stripping the Bottom

Hi, I’m Nick Schade at Guillemot Kayaks. Welcome to episode five of my series on building the strip-built kayak the Petrel Play.  In the last episode we stripped up the side of the kayak, in this episode we will strip across the bottom.

I hope you enjoy.

Setting up Forms on an Internal Strongback

This video is nearly real-time. I cut a few bits where I walked off camera and when I was setting up the camera. It shows how quickly and accurately the internal strongback can be assembled.

Paddling My First Kayak

Paddling the Original Great Auk

During my vacation a few weeks ago I took some time to get my first kayak out of the basement storage at my parents place in Maine and took it for a paddle. It was interesting to see that some of the things I still do, appeared on my first efforts.

Petrel SG

Petrel SG
A high performance stitch and glue sea kayak

Aleut Baidarka Offsets - Free Kayak Plans

Free boat plans for building a strip-built baidarka style sea kayak

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Kayak Building Bibliography

Here is a list of books and other texts related to kayaks, kayaking, kayak design, boat design, woodworking and boat building that may be of interest to anyone interested in building their own kayak.