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making Petrel Play: Glassing the Hull Interior - Episode 12


Hi, I'm Nick Schade of Guillemot Kayaks. Welcome to Episode 12 of my series on making the strip built Petrel Play kayak.

In the last episode I made the coaming of the kayak. In this episode I'll be scraping and sanding the interior of the hull before applying a layer of fiberglass, wetting it out with epoxy and then adding a light fill coat.

making Petrel Play: Glassing the Deck Exterior - Episode 10


Hi, I'm Nick Schade at Guillemot Kayaks. Welcome to the 10th episode of my series on building the Petrel Play

In the last episode I glassed the hull. In this episode I'll glass the deck, but before that I need to give it a final sanding, when I'm done glassing I'll apply a heavy fill coat.

Making Petrel Play: Fiberglassing the Hull - Episode 9


Hi, I'm Nick Schade at Guillemot Kayaks. Welcome to Episode 9 of my series on building Petrel Play, a cedar-strip kayak.

Refiberglassing my Petrel

My Petrel has been my primary boat for a long time. It has been through some serious abuse over the years. Not only has it been dragged up beaches and bumped into the occasional submerged log, I've also crushed in the side playing in rock gardens, I've stored it outside all summer in the sun with no cover, and kept it outside, uncovered all winter, I've also left it on the roof of my car while running errands around town. After all this abuse it was looking a little shabby.

Overview of making a kayak

I put together this 5 minute video to provide a broad overview of the strip-building process. My other videos go into a lot more detail, but if you want to see a quick synopsis of the whole project, this should help you out.

Installing Cheek Plates in the Kayak Cockpit

While many people mount these hip-braces or as I call them "cheek plates" so they extend from the deck and are attached to the hull at the bottom as well. I prefer to just have them attached to the deck. In this way I don't get a hard spot in the hull that might cause cracks as the boat flexes. I prefer to just cantilever them straight down and glass them in with a good fillet on each side.

Carbon/Kevlar, Carbon Fiber and Glass on the Petrel Interior

You don't need to see more sanding, but that is what needs to happen before glassing the inside so I kept the sanding footage to a minimum in this video. Next I added a fillet in the chine. The Petrel has a hard chine aft of the cockpit, while it doesn't need a fillet adding one will strengthen the corner and make it easier to lay in the fabric.