Bart Hauthaway

Gail Ferris sent me a selection of photographs from Bart's collection. Although I can not claim to have known Bart, I did meet him on several occasions at the Mystic Small Craft Workshop. I have put together the album below showing some of the kayaks he designed and built.

bh1a.jpg (24kb) bh1b.jpg (27kb) bh1c.jpg (31kb) bh3a to e.jpg (115kb) bh4a to 4e.jpg (92kb)
bh5a to e.jpg (136kb) bh6a to e.jpg (117kb) hb1e to 2e.jpg (121kb)    

Paddler Magazine designated Bart as one of the Paddlers of the Century.

Bart was interested in the kayaks and kayakers of Greenland. I have another album from Bart's collection of Greenland Kayaking photos.

Tom LaRose is married to Bart's neice Ellen. They have inherited the plugs and molds for many of the boats in Bart's catalog.

From his Obituary:

WESTON - Bartlett M. "Bart" Hauthaway, 77, longtime resident of Weston, and Plymouth, died Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2002, at his home.
He was a graduate of Buckingham Browne and Nichols and Harvard College. In recent years he spent his summers in Bourne.
He served with the U.S. Army and was a World War II veteran. He photographed eight invasions as a member of the advance guard.
Mr. Hauthaway led an unusual and accomplished life. His early career as a photo-journalist and his love for sports paved the way to his interest in kayaking. As an internationally known kayak competitor and coach, he was a member of the U.S. team competing in the 1965 World Championships.
In 1972 he coached members of the U.S. Olympic kayak team. His love of the sport soon sparked a new career designing and building kayaks and boats. The unusual sleek design and lightness of these boats created a strong demand among competitors. His boats were designed, built and sold from his residence.
He spent many hours giving lessons to new and old kayakers and would freely offer his expertise to those who had an interest. He loved teaching about his interests that included hunting, fishing, and of course, boating.
He received several competitive awards and most recently was named by Paddler magazine as one of the Paddlers of the century and posthumously awarded the prestigious "Legend of Paddling" by The American Canoe Association.
He was a philanthropist who contributed to several Olympic-training programs. He recently endowed a scholarship fund for Buckingham Browne and Nichols School. Among his friends, he will be remembered for several accomplishments, the highest ethical standards and most of all his sense of humor.