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We were completely satisfied with the Cape Charles 18's. They were fast and stable. We really did not need either skegs or rudders. Nothing failed on either boat. The simple hatch design kept the water out! We should have sealed the seams on the spray skirts -- that was our only equipment complaint.

The Canadian National Parks are now on a "user fee" system.

EVERYTHING costs something. Beaching a boat is $6.00, camping is $7.00 per head, just being there is $2.50 per day.

Incidental Details:

Charts: Canada Hydro Series 2202. I ordered mine from a local bookstore.

Land routes:

North from Toronto on 400. 400 becomes Route 69 around Orilla. Follow 69 to Rt 5. Follow Rt 5 into Honey Harbour -- the road ends there.


You can tell that we are backpackers and have learned to enjoy dried noodle dishes. Even when we canoe we hesitate to take heavy (canned) food, and never take a cooler for fresh food. First night out is usually a fresh food night though. We like leisurely lunches and intermittant snacking -- it goes good with the reading we also like to to on the trail. Bill went through about 1 lb of sunflower seeds this trip -- Ted said the constant spitting drove him crazy.

Breakfast foods


Lunch foods:

Supper foods:


Boat loading:

Bill's fwd compartment:

Bill's cockpit(c) and deck(d):

Bill's aft:

Ted's fwd:

Ted's cockpit and deck:

Ted's aft:

(Bill weighs in at 200 lbs and Ted at 150. Bill's boat rode about 1 inch lower in the water than Ted's. We built them with rub rails which really helped keep the decks dry in a chop.)

Things to do next time:

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