Installing Steamed Ribs on a Greenland Kayak

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Preparing Ribs (12,889 bytes) Rounding over ends. (11,988 bytes) Rounded over tip of a rib. The rib is numbered so it's location is easy to find. (5,899 bytes) The ribs all ready to go. (12,235 bytes) The frame prior to installing the ribs. (21,560 bytes)
The mortise ready to accept a rib. (11,554 bytes) I drilled a large hole in a tea kettle. A tin can cut to fit in the hole sticks up and fits into a section of PVC pipe that leads into the steam box. (12,600 bytes) The steam box. (14,338 bytes) A couple of ribs steaming. (15,224 bytes) The stern of the frame (17,080 bytes)
Sighting down the length. The sheer was kerfed near the end to add some sweep. (15,445 bytes) Removing a rib from the steam box (14,646 bytes) Bending a rib in place. (19,491 bytes) Inserting the first end on the far side of the frame. (19,712 bytes) Inserting the second end on the near side of the frame. (20,543 bytes)
  All the ribs installed. (23,518 bytes)   Everything should even out a bit when the stringers are installed. (20,101 bytes)  

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