Installing Stringers on a Greenland Kayak

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A hole through the keel for lashing (12,114 bytes)I re-did the keel to stem attachment. (21,408 bytes)Tapering the ends of the stringers (23,704 bytes)Checking the fairness of the stringers. (23,348 bytes)The lashing of the stem. (25,104 bytes)
Detail of lashing the stringer to the stem. (23,056 bytes)I lashed through the keel and around the chine stringers. (22,070 bytes)I motised/rabbetted the stems to accept the ends of the stringers. (25,334 bytes)The ends of the stringers after lashing. (25,179 bytes)Making progress on the lashing. (26,085 bytes)
Some more of the lashing. (26,196 bytes)    

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