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Name  Journal of the Native WaterCraft Society
Address  P.O. Box 26121
City, State, Country  Wauwatosa, WI 53226
Club Name  Native WaterCraft Society
POC  Wolfgang Brinck (editor)
Phone, Fax  414.475.5285
Description  Membership includes 3 issues of the journal per year. History and construction of traditional watercraft. Annual meeting.
Price  $20/year US $25 foreign for membership.

 Name Washington Kayak Club
 Address P.O. Box 24264
City, State, Country Seattle, WA USA 98124
Club Name Washington Kayak Club
Description The club has been around for ~50 years, with a membership of ~1200, both whitewater and sea kayakers. We offer an extensive schedule of trips, pool practice sessions, classes, programs for training, safety, racing and conservation as well as monthly programs with nationally known paddlers.

 Name The Draw Stroke
 Address 1289 Sea Island Parkway
City, State, Country Saint Helena Island, SC 29920
Club Name Sandlapper Sea Yackers
POC Jea Chapman
Phone, Fax 803-838-2008
Description The bi-monthly (roughly) newsletter of a statewide (and beyond) SC sea kayak club
Price $10 for single membership

 Name  Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club Newsletter
 Address  PO Box 100643
City, State, Country  Denver, CO 80250 USA
Club Name  Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club
POC  Tom Kinsella/Donna Nedde
Phone, Fax  (303)777-2765
Description  Semi-monthly, black & white, 6-8 pg, stories, events, library, For Sale ads, club logo mdse, 60+ members
Price  $15 single, $20 family, pro-rated after September

 Name  The Kayak Yak
 Address  George Kulakowski, NL Editor/Publisher, 14252 Culver Dr. #A199
City, State, Country  Irvine , CA. 92604
Club Name  California Kayak Friends
POC  Len Goodman, George Kulakowski, Bob Myers
Phone, Fax  818/885/6182, 714/842-7183, 714/559-5076
Description  Largest kayak club in Southern California, mostly sea kayakers.
Price  $20/year club dues includes 11 issues/year of the newsletter

 Name Wave~Length Paddling Magazine
 Address RR#2 S-17
City, State, Country Gabriola, B.C., Canada V0R 1X0
POC Alan Wilson (Managing Editor)
Phone, Fax 250-247-9789
Description Free 40-page b&w and colour magazine covering all aspects of sea kayaking, with special emphasis on preserving and protecting the marine environment. Published bi-monthly, distributed widely in the Pacific Northwest and across Canada.
Price Annual subscriptions available (6 issues): $16.05 Canada / $15 U.S. / $20 Overseas

 Name  ConnYak
 Address  P.O. Box 2006
City, State, Country  Branford, Ct. USA 06405
Club Name  ConnYak
POC  Stan Kegeles, President
Phone, Fax  (203)-481-1881

Description  Sea Kayak Club newsletter included with membership annual dues of $30/yr

 Name  Atlantic Coastal Kayaker
 Address  P.O Box 520
City, State, Country  Ipswich, MA, USA 01938
POC  Tamsin Venn (editor)
Phone, Fax  (508) 356-6112
Description  A small (~40 page) black and white magazine covering the east coast. 10 issues a year.
Price  $2/issue

 Name  Paddler
 Address  PO Box 775450
City, State, Country  Steamboat Springs, CO, USA 80477
Phone, Fax  970 879-1450
Description  A large monthly full color magazine with national distribuition. Covering all types of paddling.
Price  $3.95/Issue

 Name Sea Kayaker
 Address PO Box 17029
City, State, Country Seattle, WA , USA 98107-0729
Phone, Fax (206) 789-9536, Fax:(206) 781-1141
Description A large bi-monthly color magazine with an international distribution. Kayak and gear reviews, trip reports and related subjects.
Price $4.95/issue

 Name  Folding Kayaker
 Address  P.O Box 0754
City, State, Country  New York, NY 10024
POC  Ralph Diaz (editor & publisher)
Phone  (212) 724-5069
Description  Now in its seventh year, this newsletter, published six times a year,
covers all aspects of folding kayaks and related subjects, including
boat and gear reviews, industry news, do-yourself modifications,
special tips and techniques for foldables including assembly shortcuts.
No ads except classifieds for buying and selling used folding kayaks
and their accessories.
Price  Available by annual subscription only, US $28 in US and Canada, $35

 Name  Messing About in Boats
 Address 29 Burley St.
City, State, Country Wenham, MA, 01984-1943
POC  Bob Hicks
Phone, Fax  508-774-0906
Description Deals with many types of small boats, but has a lot of info. on kayaks and a great classified ad section
Price  $24 a year for 24 issues

 Name  Washington Canoe Club
 Address  Washington, D.C.
City, State, Country  
Club Name  
Phone, Fax  

 Name  Great Lakes Sea Kayaker
 Address  3256 Blackbird Rd.
City, State, Country  Petoskey, MI USA 49770
Club Name  Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Club
POC  Joe Palm (membership)
Phone, Fax  616-347-2827
Price  $8 membership

 Name  Bay Currents
 Address  229 Courtright Rd.
City, State, Country  San Rafael, CA 94901
Club Name  San Francisco Bay Area Sea Kayakers
POC  Penny Wells
Phone, Fax  415-457-6094
Description  For members of BASK. Fun and informative. Lists trips
Price  out of state: $15, in state: $25

 Name  Florida Sea Kayaking Association
City, State, Country  Florida, USA
Club Name  FSKA
POC  Ian Douglas
Phone, Fax  941-921-4573
Description  We are a State wide club with chapters all over Florida. Our club outings include the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic ocean, and most of the inland Streams and Rivers. We offer yearly Clinics for members and several chapters offer training year round. FSKA is an informal network of paddlers who love the sport of Sea Kayaking. We are not a social club but a paddler's club. Our interest are as diverse as our members . The majority of our members paddle single kayaks , you will also find surf ski's ,sit on top kayaks, folding kayaks, white water kayaks and other types of paddling craft. Regardless of you Skill level, you will find others to share your kayaking experiences.
Price  $15 individual $20 Family Newsletter comes with membership

 Address  Ribbingovagen 109-22
City, State, Country  01100 Ostersundom, Finland
Club Name  The Illustrious Kangaroo Kayak Team
POC  Clas Hagelstam
Phone, Fax  358 9 877 7738, 358 9 877 7758

 Non-commercial tongue-in-cheek group of Australian & Finnish kayakers ( + sprinkle of US, New Zeeland, German, Swedish members ). OK to contact us is if you intend to kayakin Finland.

Check our homepage.

 Address Trasna na dTonnta
City, State, Country  Ireland
Club Name  Irish Sea Kayaking Association
POC  Des Keaney
Phone, Fax  ++ 353-1-2760263
WWW  http:/
Description We publish a quarterly newsletter covering all aspects of Irish Sea Kayaking. We include trip reports, destination guides, an environmental section, technical articles book reviews and all the news in Irish Sea Kayaking.
 Price  IR£10 p.a. for the newsletter and membership of
the Association

 Name Wellington Sea Kayaking network
City, State, Country  
Club Name  
POC Beverley Burnett
Phone, Fax  
Description We are the Wellington Sea Kayaking network, based in the Wellington regional area in New Zealand.


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