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Re: VCP Hatches

Posted by: Dennis on November 25, 1999

> Why do Valley Canoe Product hatches cost so much? Are they worth that
> much? Are their any similar and cheaper alternatives? I was thinking of
> building a Pygmy Queen Charlotte for my next Kayak project and they seem
> to push these as the hatch choice, something like $180. I have built other
> Pygmy Kayaks and used their wooden hatch kits which were satisfactory. I
> presume they don't have a wooden hatch kit for the Queen Charlotte due to
> the flat deck and the leaking possiblity. I appreciate your thoughts!

The $180 charged by Pygmy is for a two hatch kit - an 8" round for the front and a 9 x 16 for the rear. This is still more expensive than buying the two separately from Great River - $43 for the 8" and $104 for the 9 x16 - unless Pygmy includes some kind of "extras" (?) witht their package.

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