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Re: new twist on old flush fitting idea?

Posted by: Jack Martin on December 7, 1999

> Consider if you will the standard nylon-web-loop type of deck fitting, a
> la CLC boats, et. al. What if, instead of attaching the loop off to the
> side of the deck line, you ran the deck line right over the top of the
> screw?

This is an incredibly interesting idea, Dean. (And, for me, the timing on this could not be better.) But I don't think I fully understand what you're doing. (Do understand Mike's idea, but, in most cases with my CLC North Bay, I don't have easy/any access to the inside of the hull, so must install deck fittings in the blind.)

Could your scheme work from the outside only? Or did I not understand the idea? I can conceive of a loop, the top of which is slit longtitudinally with a razor blade and sealed with a soldering iron providing access for a screw driver, then screwed through the deck into the (in a CLC boat) sheer clamps. Is that what you were suggesting? And do you think that would work as well?

Great ideas, in any event, gents. Thanks.

Jack Martin

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