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Re: A Guillemot FatBoy ?

Posted by: Bill Boyd on December 10, 1999

> I've read the book & now I'd like to build a boat, but I weigh about
> 225 and I'd like to avoid building a very attractive submarine. With a
> displacement of 213 I'd expect the Guillemot at 40lb + my 225 + gear would
> be sitting a bit low in the water. I'm thinking about either a Guillemot
> Expedition Single or a scaled up Guillemot ( a G FatBoy ).

> I think a 6% oversize Guillemot (18' x 22.25") would displace about
> 254 if I've done the math right.

> Has anybody built an oversize Guillemot? Has anybody around 225 paddled
> either boat? Any other advice?

I've done what you are thinking of doing and for the same reasons, plus the fact that the attic space that is my winter storage is only 18 feet long, so an Expedition Single at 19' would have caused a storage problem. my finished dimensions are 18' x 22.75" and 55 pounds with the rudder.I just went a touch wider, being a person who had never set his butt in a kayak in his life and under the misguided perception the all kayaks are "tippy"(except my first exit was a classic "early Woody"). I mostly use mine for fishing in sheltered small lakes and rivers and carry around alot of extra junk and sometimes even an anchor. I'm down to 220 now but that will go back up over the holidays.

Later Bill

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