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Re: Heat source for rib bending

Posted by: Jim McCool on December 12, 1999

> Hi All- I am about halfway through building the Greenland boat from Bob
> Boucherís video. Itís now time to do the steam bending of the ribs. I will
> not be able to use an open flame to boil the water for the steam bending,
> and will have to use an electric hot plate. Will a hot plate be able to
> produce enough energy to boil a gallon or so of water? Has anyone used one
> to do this? Also, does anyone know of a place on the Ďnet where I could
> shop for one? I hate to go to the stores this time of year... Thanks in
> advance- Jack Gilman Jack - I was watching one of the home shows on DSS this am and one of those call immediately.... 1-800 ads came on. I believe it was Eureka but what they are selling is a set of steamers. Three easy payments of $19.99! I wish i could remember the 800 number for you but if I see it again I'll e-mail you. There is a hand-held component looks like a medium size watering can which emanates steam! Might be just what you need. Good luck JJ.

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