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Re: multiple-glass-layer glassing question

Posted by: Jim Eisenmenger on December 13, 1999

> Does anyone have any tips on ensuring that enough epoxy gets down to the
> wood when I try to wet out 2 layers of glass with no fill-coat?

I debated adding an extra layer to the hull of my canoe - didn't do it due to the same fears. After the outside of the hull was epoxied with surprising ease, I decided to add "ribs" consisting of an extra layer of 6oz cloth (8" wide) every 18" on the inside for additional rigidity.

I laid out the cloth for the ribs, then laid another 6oz layer over that, and wet it our all at once with no clear coat. I had to spend more time working the epoxy through the places with two layers, but it was pretty easy to see the cloth go really clear when the epoxy was throught the cloth into the wood. The ribs are essentially invisible - if your double layer is smaller than the entire hull, be sure to put the smaller piece on below the full sized piece - that way you aren't fighting loose strands of cloth.

> Apparenly George Roberts applies his epoxy directly to the wood, then
> rolls the cloth on, which has been rolled up on 2 pieces of PVC pipe like
> a Torah (scroll.) Unfortunately, I am a one-man operation. I did a dry-run
> of this method rolling from one end, but seemed to have a tendency to run
> off the side since I left only 2" of extra cloth on either side.

He's a stud - I don't know how he can get that to work - I know I'd make a mess trying that.

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