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File Error!

Posted by: Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks on January 2, 2000

The new script seems to have a problem when the server is busy. This causes a file error. I am trying to make it better. For now, just try back later when ever you get the "File Error" page.

> I was just noticing the thread on Bulkheads....Minicell or Plywood, and I
> noticed Mike's call for help. He is having a large number of File Error
> problems, and I have had the same thing. Very difficult getting from one
> new message to another. I haven't gone back to many of the old messages
> and don't know if it's easier, but, I was afraid it was my new "
> Toaster Parts " computer. It seems to take a really long time to load
> the new messages and just shuts down to the " File Error "
> screen. Then the way to get back to the board is to wait for the automatic
> return to work. I have the Microsoft system with lots of goodies, and the
> problem is the same as Mike.

> Any ideas?? Could use some advice. Thanks for any help. :)

> Rehd

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