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Re: Just Build It

Posted by: Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks on January 5, 2000

If the choice is between building a boat with free materials or not building a boat at all, I will always go for building the boat. A boat built with "inferior" materials is better than no boat at all. Thousands of boats have been built with polyester resin and many of them are still going strong. Epoxy is better than polyester, but free is better than $100/gallon.

Get a little bit of waterproof glue for doing the scarf. You can probably get away with using the polyester to glue the scarf especially if you back the scarf up with a layer of fiberglass, but you can get as small amount of glue pretty inexpensively.

You will not be building the best boat possible, but with reasonable care it will serve you well. Build a better boat when this one dies or you have more money.

> I want to build a low cost stitch and glue and have been given polyester
> resin and cloth free. My question is how do I use these items instead of
> epoxy resin and how do i scarf joints without using epoxy. If i glass the
> wood do i need okoume or will inexpensive birch lauan do the trick but
> just add weight?

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