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This Web Ring provides a path to link together kayak builders web sites. It is intended as a means for the participants of the Kayak Building Bulletin Board to show each other what they are up to, but it is open to anyone. If you have a web site with pages related to making kayaks and would like to join a web-based community of other people with similar interests, joining this web ring is not hard. You just need to fill out the form below and then include the navigation bar on your web page. The code for the navigation bar will be emailed to you after you fill out the form below.

The Kayak Building Bulletin Board


Anyone is welcome to submit their site to the list. To be accepted to the ring, the sites must be relevant to building kayaks. Commercial sites providing materials and services useful for kayak builders are welcome. Personal sites discribing your own kayak building experiences or showing the results of your labors most welcome. Personal pages of people who are interested in kayaks and kayak building but don't yet have much to contribute on their website yet, but still want to join the ring, are also welcome.

Pages with "adult" content are not welcome. This ring is administered by Nick Schade. He will have the final say on acceptance of all web pages to this ring. You must include the webring navigation links before your site will be entered into the ring. The HTML code for the navigation bar will be emailed to you. You will need the graphics below for the navigation bar:



Right click (Windows) or click-and-hold (Mac) on each image and select "Download Image to Disk" to get the required graphics to your computer. These files need to be in the same directory on your web server as the page with the nav bar on it.

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