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With the roaring success of the Flycatcher Perry and I decided to build an new boat. For this boat we went with a catamaran. Perry's father work's at Loctite and had a bottomless supply of expired adhesives. Gallons of Depend combined with several pounds of sheet-rock screws assured we would not have a repeat of the ignominious end of the Flycatcher.

My brother and I were not around for the completion of the boat or the race. The story of Perry going over backwards when he could not get his oar out the water on the first stroke of the maiden voyage late at night on the Connecticut River is still the stuff of legend. After a respectable finish the first year, major deck reconstruction assisted in winning the Cruising Class the next year. Having won the Cruising Class the hulls were combined with the Buzzard to form the Intrepid Millennium Buzzard


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