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Learning to Kayak in Greenland, Wales and New England showing you Greenlanders teaching Greenlanders to paddle their kayak, what the "Bitches" in Wales looks like on an incoming tide (it's not a place for the timid) and what slalom racing is like in New England showing methods for obtaining some necessary expedition sea kayaking paddling skills. Video for $30.00

Different Boats shows people demonstrating boat design and construction that stems from Arctic and traditional design with Don Betts, Dick Newick, Rick and Jon Persson and others discuss or demonstrate simple, inexpensive methods for building kayaks with the new ideas as well the old methods for kayak, umiak and multihull construction. Video for $20.00

Ice Boating and Ice Sea Kayaking showing modern and old ice boats DNs, Great South Bay Scooter, Hudson River ice boats and sail skating, and the realities of winter for the sea kayaker showing how I launch my kayak over the ice.Video for $20.00 (written information - story available)

Birds and Animals of the Arctic and Birds of Connecticut Shores exciting collection of shots from my many trips in the Arctic and local shore birds. Video for $20.00

Kayak paddling in 1989 at Pond Inlet, on Baffin Island, "the Banana Belt of the Arctic" with mountains a mile high, cliffs, glaciers, birds, beautiful rocks, exciting water, and wild wind situations. Video for $20.00 (complete written trip description available in hard copy for $5.00 or Web @

Running whitewater in 1990 on the Baillie River, in the Barren-Grounds of Canada; we fly in on a float plane from Yellowknife and take incredible animal and bird shots with wolves and musk ox right next to the river, immense caribou herds coming through the campsite and crossing the river. Video $20.00 (complete written trip description available in hard copy for $5.00 or Web @

1991 Running the Yama River in Siberia and Solo at Barrow Alaska; on the Yama river a Russian river running with a cataraft used on the rugged rivers of the Altai Region with bears on the edges and exotic salmon with colors that are hard to believe. At Barrow Alaska, my first solo Arctic paddling expedition I see authentic Umiaks used for whale hunting and lots of close up shots of seabirds. Video $20.00 (complete written trip description available in hard copy for $5.00 or Web @

1992 Tricky Navigation and Dodging Icebergs in Upernavik Fjords, Greenland; my 2nd solo Arctic paddling expedition my first experience with constantly moving and changing, exploding and rolling icebergs, navigating with GPS, nasty wind and weird fog. Video $20.00 (complete written trip description available in hard copy for $5.00 or Web @

1993 Laksefjorden in the Northwest and King Oscar's Fjord in Northeast Greenland my 3rd solo Arctic paddling expedition with beautiful scenes incredible fjord cliffs and passages with very interesting wind and sea conditions exotic forest in a glacial refugia icebergs on the move in Upernavik Isfjord and I study an unusual local kayak. Video $20.00 (complete written trip description available in hard copy for $5.00 or Web @

Kayaking in Arctic Bay on Baffin, NWT Canada Gail Ferris 4th Solo Arctic Adventure "have a little ice for another way to dry out or a little wind for some involuntary hydroplaning" the endless ice, wild clouds and winds at Arctic Bay on Baffin Island in my kayak, all sorts of rocks, and the bloom of lots of swimming creatures in the water. Arctic Bay is not like anywhere else - especially Pond Inlet which is only just 200 miles away and my comparison of Greenland and Baffin kayaks, why are they so different? Video $20.00 (complete written trip description available in hard copy for $5.00 or Web @

Wind and Waves, Getting a Free Ride kayak & wave ski surfing, kite waterskiing & catamarans, racing multihulls & classic yachts in Hawaii, California & Rhode Island showing the future and past propulsion of watercraft - video and production by Gail Ferris & Earl Blue 1994 Video $20.00

The Aleutian Kayak, Corey Freedman building his Aleutian Kayaks - "Spirit Line Kayaks" in Anacortes WA and the San Juan Islands. I record how Cory builds his Aleutian kayaks and what they look like on the water. - video and production by Gail Ferris 1994 Video $20.00 not available without express written consent from Corey Freedman

The Connecticut River, Hartford to Old Saybrook with Bradford Purinton, 88 Years on the River I travel down the Connecticut River as Brad talks about the areas and his personal experiences. Sponsored Connecticut River Oar & Paddle Club, video and production by Gail Ferris 1994 Video $20.00

Greenland Kayak Paddling and Design Greenlanders paddling techniques and comparisons of Greenland kayak structure and design from different areas 1995 video - Gail Ferris & Jon Cons production by Gail Ferris Video $30.00

Kayak Surfing - The Horizons an analysis of surfing techniques on wind and gravity waves in Hawaii, California, Wales and Connecticut - alternatives to walking on bumpy water1995 video - Gail Ferris & Earl Blue production by Gail Ferris Video $20.00

Exploring by Kayak, Commuting at Night and Work Applications of the Kayak information about cold and ice water paddling technique and kayak equipment a distillation of 20 years of winter and arctic kayak paddling - Gail Ferris text only $20.00

Kodiak Island Alaska Scenes and It's Aleut Kayaks views from land and from my kayak on the water and interview with Joe Kelly and an in-depth study of Kodiak Aleut kayak frame construction - 1996 video and production by Gail Ferris Video $20.00

Kullorsuaq Greenland and It's Northwest Greenland Hunting Kayaks demo of kayak whale hunting technique, a kayak frame, rolling icebergs, being out on the land with the people and the last sunrise in 1995 - 1996 video by Gail Ferris Video $20.00

And on another note this is a very interesting club that I belong to and maybe you might be interested in our very diverse offerings that all revolves around boat design.

I am giving a 15 minute presentation about something relative to Greenland kayaks. For the moment I am not quite sure what precisely but probably it will be focused on the diversity of paddle design within Greenland.

Gail E. Ferris, 1 Bowhay Hill, Stony Creek, CT 06405-5701 USA phone 1 203 481-4539 fx 1 860 767-7271 E-mail: Northern Kayak Horizons - the water and the ice are never the same.

The water and the ice are never the same.


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