Maine 2002

A Sea Kayak Trip in Maine

The start on Eggemoggin Reach (15,287 bytes)Rest stop on Hog Island in Penobscot Bay (24,041 bytes)Scotty bucking the wind (21,221 bytes)Dave splashing ahead (15,038 bytes)Off North Haven in the heat (20,428 bytes)
North Haven (23,440 bytes)Sun rise from Little Hen (16,622 bytes)The boats on Little Hen (east of Vinalhaven) (33,366 bytes)The harbor on Little Hen (22,094 bytes)Little Hen (27,457 bytes)
Crossing to Harbor Island (6,929 bytes)Scotty  (7,271 bytes)The Taking a rest (11,139 bytes)Dave under the influent of Dr Bronner's Magic. With the moral ABCs! (28,278 bytes)
Near Seal Trap on Isle au Haute (32,017 bytes)Dave near Seal Trap (27,075 bytes)Working our way around Isle au Haute (19,863 bytes)Isle au Haute (23,561 bytes)Isle au Haut (38,277 bytes)
    Isle au Haute (37,576 bytes)   

This trip started at WoodenBoat, proceeded out Eggemogin Reach to the west. We spent the first night on Barred Island, a MITA island. The next day we proceded down the western shore of North Haven, through Fox Island Thorofare and we spend the next night on Little Hen. The next day we proceded across to Kimball Island where we spent the night. The next day we proceded around Isle au Haut and then to Sheep Island. After the night at Sheep we returned to WoodenBoat. The distance traveled was 80 miles, the longest day was about 25.

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