Kayak Trips

Dear Kayakers,

I'm glad you enjoyed a trip around the Elizabeth Islands.  They are
truely one of the last pieces of unspoiled coastline on the East Coast. 
The sheltered waters and scenery make them ideal for poking around in
small boats of all descriptions.  The inshore waters also have
incredible fishing.

In fact the description of your Naushon Is. circumnavigation made
interesting reading until I got to the part about your climbing the hill
opposite Weepeckit Is. for a look around.  As you speculated earlier,
while at Tarpaulin Cove, it is a miracle the islands have remained
unspoiled so close to crowded Cape Cod.  This 'miracle' comes because
Nonomesset, Uncateena, Naushon, Pasque, and Nashawena are all privately
owned by a single extended family that cares to leave undeveloped what
could more profitably have been turned into condos.  In order to
preserve the owners' privacy and maintain the islands in the face of
campers, litterers, thieves, arsonists, hunters, and others, they are
all strictly no trespassing.  Several of the nicest beaches are open to
the public for picnics (but no fires or overnight camping) and several
are reserved for family members.  Open beaches include Tarpaulin Cove on
the south shore, and Crescent Beach and Kettle Cove Beach on the north
shore, as well as Weepeckit Is.  In no case is it permissible for the
public to go beyond the back of the beach and definitely not to climb
Mt. Surat, as it is called.  Finally, you should know that although it
looks harmless, because it is an island ecosystem, Naushon has an
unusually high tick population, with numerous documented cases of Lyme
Disease, Babesiosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  People who do
trespass beyond the sand should alert their doctors to their having been
exposed to these diseases if they become sick.

I would appreciate it if you are going to post information about
kayaking around the Elizabeths (which is a great idea) that you please
note that the islands are private and refer interested parties to the
public beaches.

David Gregg, Naushon Shareholder


On behalf of all the kayakers and boaters that have enjoyed landing on the publicly accessible portions of Naushon, I would like to thank the shareholders of Naushon for making those places available. I would also like to apologize for any times that we, through ignorance, have trespassed where we shouldn't have. Thanks again for an unspoiled part of the world.