Design Styles

Inspired by the highly functional kayaks developed by the Inuits of Greenland. Sleek and fast with overhanging ends and a raked cockpit. Includes the Petrel designs

Bear Mountain Boats commissioned Steve Killings to design this series of modern asymmetrical canoes. They are characterized by clean efficient line and good paddling ergonomics

I saw a kayak in the form of 1923 Gold Star Cup racing powerboat. Classic mahogany runabout lines in a fully functional kayak.

At the end of the 19th century Chestnut became one of the pre-eminent producers of wood-and-canvas canoes. Ted Moores and Steve Killings have helped preserved these classic designs.

The original flag ship of the Guillemot Kayaks catalog. Graceful and responsive the Guillemots love paddling around islands in Maine

Derived from my first kayak design the Great Auks are comfortable and stable.

A series of comfortable sea kayaks created by Steve Killings for Bear Mountain Boats. Characterized by elegant lines and smooth performance.

Lightweight, easy to carry and easy to paddle little canoes.

Simple to build and fun to paddle. Kayaks for all ages.

Everything else that doesn't fit into any other family. Canoes, kayaks, rowing boats...

Designs that are a bit experimental