Upcoming Events

We haven't thought that far in advance yet. Stay tuned for more events added to our schedule.

Past Events

New England Intermediate Rough Water Symposium

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A hand made wooden kayak is not truly finished until you have put your first scratch in it. The New England Rough Water Symposium is a chance to see to it that your boat is well and fully complete along with few scratches to prove it. While "rough water" may sound scary, this is a good event for a wide range of paddlers from the novice through experienced paddlers. It will give you a chance to learn from top paddler how to use your boat to full effect.

2010 Meet at the Beach

Event Date

Kayaks on the BeachFor over ten years now kayak builders have gathered at Bluff Point State Park in Groton, CT to share what we did last winter. This is an informal gathering of people interested in homemade kayaks and other small boats. If you have a boat or just like homemade boats, this is fun chance to visit with others with similar interests.Meet at the Beach Home Page

Build a High Performance Sea Kayak at CVSW

Event Date

Sea kayaking is the sport of taking a small boat out on to the big ocean. You could buy an ordinary plastic kayak, or you could build your own which will be lighter, faster, better looking and more fun than any you can buy. This fast-paced class will take students through the major phases of building a “Night Heron” sea kayak. Using the “Stitch-and-glue” construction method, each student will go home with his or her own kayak. Some finish work will be required when they get home. Students will learn some basic woodworking skill as well as how to work with fiberglass and epoxy.

Maine Boats Homes and Harbors - Rockland, ME

Event Date

Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors Magazine puts on a great show on the waterfront in Rockland, Maine. The Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors Show has everything from luxury yachts to fine furniture and jewelry. Some in the middle of that spectrum are wooden kayaks, and that is where you will find me. I'll bring some of my best kayaks and other small boats for you to see.

Blackburn Challenge - Gloucester, MA

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The premier open water race for human powered boats, the Blackburn Challenge is not always fun to do, but it is fun to have done. The event starts in the Annisquam River and goes clockwise around Cape Anne, and finishes about 20 miles later under the greasy pole in Gloucester, MA. Some 250 boats typically participate in this event from traditional Banks Dories to 6-man Outrigger Canoes as you would expect to see in Hawaii.