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Accessory Plans

Plans for boat accessories

Sea Kayak Retractable Skeg Plans

Plans and Instructions to Build Your Own Sea Kayak Retractable Skeg
Drawings of a Retractable Skeg PartsSurf board style kayak skegRecessed sliding skeg control knobSkeg Bill of Materials: All heavy-duty stainless steel metal parts.

Complete, comprehenisive, detailed plans to build an efficient and reliable retractable skeg for a sea kayak. The result of years of experimentation and testing. This design has proven to be reliable and effective after 10 years of hard use. This retractable skeg should be adaptable to any sea kayak design, wood or composite.

Kayak Paddle Plans

Kayak Paddle Plans

Plans and instructions to build your own modern laminated kayak paddle. This paddle may be built feather to the right or left. It has a "spooned" blade curving along its length. It is built from laminated wood and covered with fiberglass. The plans include patterns for various different blade sizes, suitable for low impact sea kayaking or high performance whitewater play.

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