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Noank Pulling Boat Plans

Plans to build your own strip planked open water rowing boat
A modern take on a sliding seat wherry suitable for rowing in open water A beautiful sliding seat rowing boat for DIY boat buildersOver 130 page building manual to get you through the project.


Full size plans for the Noank Pulling Boat a strip-built, sliding seat, open water, rowing boat.

The Noank Pulling Boat is an 18' x 36" [5.5m x 91cm] sliding seat rowing boat suitable for open water travel. It has two large flotation chambers that can store a massive amount of gear if you should wish to go for an expedition. 

This is an efficient boat with nice glide, secure in rough water and a joy to row.

Included in the Plans:

  • 22 page large format plans package,
  • Full-size forms drawn individually - Glue to MDF and cut out around the lines,
  • Full-size cut patterns for parts,
  • 100+ page instruction manual with 300+ photos and illustrations.
  • Mounting instructions for a Piantedosi Row Wing drop-in sliding seat unit.
  • License to build one boat

On The Water:

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Noank Pulling Boat

Noank Pulling Boat
An efficient, sliding seat, open water rowing boat