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Boat Building Plans

Small Boat Building Plans. Full size boat building plans for do it yourself boat builders. No lofting required. These are all original designs by Nick Schade a dedicated kayaker, canoeist and small boat user.

All the designs are listed below, or you can narrow down your selection by clicking on one of the links above.

You may also browse through detailed descriptions of our boat designs.

Petrel "Play" Plans

Full Sized plans to build the Petrel Play strip-built wood kayak
Building form patterns drawn out individually and full size.Installing strips on the Petrel PlayPetrel Play hand made in western red cedarPaddling the Petrel Play

Full size plans to build the Petrel "Play" recreational sea kayak. The Petrel Play is a strip-built kayak that you can build yourself with these full-size drawings.

The Petrel Play fits in a cross-over space between recreational kayaks and sea kayaks. It is stable and roomy enough for novice paddlers and those who enjoy relaxing paddles in sheltered water. It is also responsive and sea worthy enough to go out in rough open water to surf or play in tide races.

microBootlegger Sport Plans

Plans to make your own strip built recreational sea kayak
Comprehensive plans to assist the home builder make a beautiful wood kayakFull size drawings of each form drawn individuallyThe microBootlegger Sport is an elegant, efficient and comfortable kayakExample microBootlegger Sport built in book matched mahogany

Full size plans to build the elegant microBootlegger Sport recreational sea kayak.

Complete construction drawing with each form drawn out individually and at full size. Units are in both English and Metric, but because most of the design is documented as full size patterns there is very little measuring. Cut out the patterns and trace or just cut out around the lines.

My book "Building Strip-Planked Boats" is recommended as the instructions.

Noank Pulling Boat Plans

Plans to build your own strip planked open water rowing boat
Sliding seat rowing for calm or rough waterA beautiful sliding seat rowing boat for DIY boat buildersSleek and stable work out with the Noank Pulling BoatOver 130 page building manual to get you through the project.


Full size plans for the Noank Pulling Boat a strip-built, sliding seat, open water, rowing boat.

The Noank Pulling Boat is an 18' x 36" [5.5m x 91cm] sliding seat rowing boat suitable for open water travel. It has two large flotation chambers that can store a massive amount of gear if you should wish to go for an expedition. 

This is an efficient boat with nice glide, secure in rough water and a joy to row.

License to Build an Additional Boat

License to Build Additional Boats

Purchase of regular boat plans include the license to build one boat for your personal use. If you think enough of the design to build another one, I would appreciate you paying a royality for each additional boat built. This helps support my ability to continue designing, building and testing new designs.

Please note that this license is only for boats built for your personal (as well as family and friends) use. If you are charging someone for the build, that is a professional use please contact me to discuss terms.

Mystic River Tandem Canoe Plans

Fullsize plans for the Mystic River Tandem
A cedar strip canoeLightweight wood strip canoebeautiful cedar strip canoeStrip Built Canoe Building Instruction Manual

Full sized canoe plans to build your own strip-built tandem Canoe. These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a cedar strip canoe. Plans include a 60+ page building manual with over 190 photographs and illustrations.

Yukon Sea Kayak Plans

Detailed plans to build your own racing sea kayak
Prototype Yukon racing kayak built by Paul Sylvester

Full sized plans to build your own fast sea kayak. An efficient sea kayak design suitable for long distance touring or racing. The front deck is cut away for an easy, close to the hull catch on your stroke.

Petrel SG Plans

Build your own sea kayak plans
Full size plans to build your own stitch and glue plywood sea kayakPetrel SG deck assembly processPetrel SG - A fully realized british style wooden sea kayakPetrel SG in Rough Water

Full sized kayak plans to build your own wood Petrel SG stitch and glue sea kayak plans. These full size plans include patterns for all the plywood parts to build your own wooden kayak.

Petrel "Play" SG Plans

Petrel Play SG - Stitch and Glue recreational kayak plans
Full size plans to build your own stitch and glue recreational sea kayakPetrel Play SG deck assembly processPetrel Play SG - a cross over recreational sea kayakPetrel Play in Rough Water

Full sized kayak plans to build your own wood Petrel "Play" SG stitch and glue kayak plans. These full size plans include patterns for all the plywood parts to build your own wooden kayak.

Io - Kids Kayak

Io - kids kayak plans
A 5 year old kayakerFull sized plans for a childs kayak

Full sized plans to build your own kids kayak. These paper patterns can be arranged to fit on one sheet of plywood.

The plans come with a printed manual. You can read the manual for free at You can also find a writeup of this build at

Custom Boat Design

Custom Boat Designs

If you would like to order a custom boat design, please email Nick or give him a call first. No custom orders will be accepted without prior approval from Nick.

Please include information about the design you are ordering. Do not place an order without first discussing your intentions with Nick.

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