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Tools for building boats and accessories for fitting out your boat.

Robo-Bevel - Strip built boat beveling tool

Robo-BevelStrip Built Boat Building ToolUse a Veritas Mini Shoulder PlaneMade by Nick Schade at Guillemot KayaksGap Between stripsUsing Robo-BevelNo Gap Between strips

Rolling Bevels Made Easy

A tool that makes hand beveling strips for a tight fit quick and accurate.

Recessed Fitting Hole Template

Recessed Fitting Hole Template
Using the Recessed Fitting Hole TemplateRecessed wooden deck line fitting installed

The recessed deck fittings require a odd egg-shaped hole cut in the deck of your kayak. This precision hole is accomplish by a plunge router with pattern bushing in this template. The template is secured to the deck, you follow the template, you get an egg-shaped hole.

The template is made from 1/2" MDF. It is designed to be used with a 1/8" diameter down-cut router bit and a 3/8" diameter pattern bushing. We do not sell these, they are available through Amazon and other router bit suppliers.

Recessed Deck Line Fitting

Recessed Deck Line Fitting
Dimensional Drawing of Recessed FittingWood Kayak Deck FittingMaple Kayak Recessed PadeyeCherry Kayak Recessed Pad EyeMahogany Kayak Recessed Padeye

Add an elegant touch to your next kayak. These recessed deck line padeyes create a secure tie down anchor for rigging deck lines on a kayak or similar small boat.

These deckline fittings feature room for two 1/4" [~6.5mm] diameter lines. The lines can either be standard rope or elastic shock cord. The bar the rope is looped under is formed in a "dovetail" shape to resist pulling out. Properly installed one of these fittings is plenty strong enough to lift the whole kayak.

Please Select the Woods for Your Fittings

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