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New designs, and ideas still under development

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I am constantly working on new designs, either to fill some performance desire I have or to meet the needs of customers. Sometimes I just have an idea that I want to play with, so I'll draw something up. These ideas may be at different stages of completion. Some are just ideas, others I have taken all the way to having a complete set of drawings prepared.

Wolfgang Faller - Miniflower, a square rigger for the pickup truck

Wolfgang Faller  - Miniflower, a square rigger for the pickup truck

Inspired by Nick's techniques practiced on the Guillemot, this is the last 5 year's project, close to completion. For more details see

How a New Boat is Designed

These plans are product of Nick's years of boating experience and extensive research into what makes boats work. Each design starts out as an idea spawned on the water. Time out in boats will suggest how a boat could be tailored to perform better in specific conditions. The idea may be for something that works better poking into a salt marsh or for dropping down the wave face of hurricane surf. Inspirations for solutions come from traditional Inuit and Aleut kayaks as well as more contemporary powerboats and sailboats.


A simple shape that is simple to build and simple to paddle

Night Heron Double

Night Heron Double
A uniquely styled tandem kayak

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