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Playboating at Blue Hill Falls

After teaching my class at the WoodenBoat School, I got a chance to head up to Blue Hill for some play time. There is a reversing falls that has a nice play wave popular with the whitewater crowd. I took my Petrel in for a little surfing action:

Playing with Video

I've been playing around with taking video using a Pentax Optio W10 that I have strapped to a helmet. The quality of the video is not great, but the results are kind of fun. The first is one is from a couple days paddling the reefs of Watch Hill, Rhode Island and the Race and the second is an afternoon surfing off Napatree Point.

In both videos, the boat I am paddling is the Petrel.

I hope you enjoy the action.

Petrel - Launching the Prototype

Petrel - Launching the Prototype

This is the Petrel prototype the day it was launched. It's first trip was 20 miles out to the isolated Little Gull Lighthouse at the entrance to Long Island Sound.

Photo by Dave Grainger

Petrel - Prototype near Catumb Rock

Petrel - Prototype near Catumb Rock

Looking for surf. Photo by Carl Tjerandsen

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