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Strip Built Plans Prices

CootA cute little wooden dinghy $110.00
10 Foot Little AukA small recreational kayak for poking around protected water$85.00
NymphA minimalist cedar strip pack canoe for light paddlers$90.00
11 Foot Little AukA light weight pond kayak for larger paddlers$85.00
12 Foot NymphA minimalist pack canoe for medium sized paddlers$90.00
Solo microBootleggerA comfortable spacious recreational kayak$100.00
Petrel "Play"Hi Performance Recreational Kayak$100.00
14 Foot Great AukA roomy and comfortable small kayak for lakes and harbors$90.00
SimpleA simple shape that is simple to build and simple to paddle$90.00
microBootlegger SportAn efficient comfortable cross-over kayak$110.00
Adirondack Guide BoatA seaworthy traditional rowing boat$90.00
Guillemot "S"A fun, playful sea kayak for small paddlers$90.00
PlayA responsive and playful sea kayak$85.00
PetrelA rough water play kayak$100.00
GuillemotA quick and responsive sea kayak$90.00
Great AukA simple roomy and stable sea kayak$90.00
Mystic River Tandem CanoeA Classic Elegant Cedar Strip Canoe$100.00
microBootleggerA modern take on a double paddle canoe$105.00
Yukon Racing Sea KayakA sea kayak optimized for speed and efficiency$100.00
Guillemot "L"A responsive sea kayak for larger paddlers$100.00
Noank Pulling BoatAn efficient, sliding seat, open water rowing boat$120.00
High Capacity Great AukA boat capable of carrying the kitchen sink$105.00
AleutesqueA sleek and fast kayak loosely based on Aleut Baidarkas$110.00
Greenland Night HeronA responsive boat for Greeland style aficionados$90.00
Night Heron - High DeckThe same as the regular Night Heron but with more leg room$90.00
Night HeronA fast, responsive sea kayak for open water and close to shore$90.00
Razor Billed AukA fast, responsive sea kayak for open water and close to shore$90.00
Expedition SingleAn efficient sea kayak for long distance touring$100.00
Guillemot DoubleA roomy and stable tandem sea kayak$105.00
MysteryA racing sea kayak optimized for speed $100.00
Great Auk DoubleA comfortable and efficient sea kayak for two paddlers$105.00
Night Heron DoubleA uniquely styled tandem kayak$105.00
Fast DoubleA fast efficient tandem kayak for skilled paddlers$105.00

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