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Build Your Own S&G Petrel or Petrel Play

Jan 12 2013 9:00 am
Jan 17 2013 1:00 pm

Be the First to Build the New Designs

Stitch and Glue Petrel Prototype Build Started

S&G Petrel Prototypes


This build is not going to go too fast as I need to take photographs along the way so we can work up instruction manuals for each of the boats. So far this has involved taking an average of 100 photographs a day. I must say it is a lot faster to build a boat if you don't have to set up a camera and lights every few minutes.

Guillemot Kayaks Kits Available in Europe

Fyne Boat KitsWe are happy to annouce that Fyne Boat Kits in Cumbria, UK are now supplying Kits and

Maine Boats Homes and Harbors Show - Rockland, ME

Aug 10 2012 9:00 am
Aug 12 2012 5:00 pm

The Maine Boats Homes and Harbors Show in Rockland Maine is a great gathering of all kinds of creative people. From builders of large yachts to crafters of fine jewelry, deisel engines to hammocks, this show has something for everyone. I always enjoy showing my boats to the people who visit this show. They are knowledgable and curious. It is worth a trip to Maine to see this part of the coast and take in some beautiful boats.

WoodenBoat Show at Mystic Seaport

Jun 29 2012 9:00 am
Jul 1 2012 5:00 pm

Once again Guillemot Kayaks will be exhibiting at the WoodenBoat Show at Mystic Seaport in Mystic, CT. This is always a great chance to see beautiful boats in a facinating setting.

OkoumeFest - Annapolis, MD

May 11 2012 2:00 pm
May 12 2012 4:00 pm

Chesapeake Light Craft is once again hosting an open house at their shop in Annapolis, MD and a large gathering of boatbuilders at a park beach in Kent, MD. This is a great event to meet other builders, get tips on boatbuilding, show off your boat, see and try other boats, and generally have fun hanging out with like minded people.

How to Make a Kayak Seat

A seat is a pretty basic need in a kayak. A good seat is the key to comfortably sitting in a kayak for hours at a time. The seat is the primary contact between the paddler and the boat and as such it is the primary tool for controling the kayak.

End Pour vs End Block

End pour vs end block

The End Pour

 A common question is "what is the end pour good for?" For those who don't know what it is, it originated in making fiberglass kayaks. The boat is stood on end, leaned up against the wall or a try and epoxy is poured into the end. This epoxy fills up the end with a solid chunk of material. This serves a couple purposes.


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