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Stripping past the Chine

The Petrel has a hard chine. This creates some issues specific to the boat that must be dealt with. You want the strips to reach the chine evenly. I.e. you don't want the first strip to hit the chine to be high on it at one point and low on it farther down the boat. This would make a situation where part of one strip is on one side of the chine and part on another.

Solo microBootlegger

Solo microBootlegger
A comfortable spacious recreational kayak

12 Foot Nymph

12 Foot Nymph
A minimalist pack canoe for medium sized paddlers

Solo microBootlegger

Full-sized plans for the Solo microBootlegger Double Paddle Canoe
Solo wood recreational kayaksolo microbootlegger recrational kayak

Full-sized plans to build your own solo microBootlegger double paddle canoe or recreational kayaks. These plans include full size drawings of each form drawn individually so you may glue the patterns directly to your form material and cut out around the lines.

12 Foot Nymph Double Paddle Pack Canoe Plans

Full-sized plans for the Nymph Double Paddle Canoe
two woodstrip pack canoes"Building Nymph" Booklet

Full-sized plans for a scaled up version of the Nymph Double Paddle Pack Canoe. This cedar strip canoe is lightweight and easy to paddle. These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a strip-built canoe.

These plans include a 45 page instruction booklet.

Guillemot Kayaks Fleece Pullover

Guillemot Kayaks Fleece Pullover
Guillemot Kayaks EmbroideryBlack Fleece

This lightweight fleece is perfect for working in a cool shop, under drysuit or even to the office. With an embroidered image of a kayaker surfing the Petrel based on a photo by Carl Tjerandsen, with "Guillemot Kayaks" below it in red, this is a comfortable way to stay a little warmer. The men's version has a breast pocket and the women's version has a pocket on the sleeve.

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Installing Cheater Strips

In the previous video I installed two strips, the Sheer Strip which follows the shear line and then the second strip which follows a more natural bend. Between these two strip there is a gap at each end. This gap needs to be filled with what I call "Cheater Strips".

Installing the Sheer Strips

All the strips follow the first one in one way or another, therefore it is important to get the first strip along the sheer right. On most of my plans I include a mark that indicates the location of the sheer. This mark is typically placed at an angle to the side of the form.

Assembling Forms to Make Strip-Planked Wooden Sea Kayak

The easiest way to set up the forms for woodstrip kayak is using an internal strongback. Here I use a 2" x 4" x 13' aluminum extrusion with 1/8" thick walls. The bow end has been tapered so it can reach farther into the bow of the heavily rockered boat.

Milling Cedar Strips for a Bookmatched Petrel

Cutting strips is always a little tedious. It is primarily a matter of feeding the wood through the saw. When you intend to bookmatch the strips on the boat you also need to keep the strips in order.

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