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Smoothing the interior of a strip planked boat with a scraper and sandpaper

Smoothing the interior of a strip built boat is always a challenge. A random orbital sander usually doesn't fit the curved surface well and risks digging horseshoe shaped divots in the wood. What I find works well for me is a really sharp paint scraper shaped to match the surface, and hand sanding with very rough sandpaper.

Fitting a Cockpit Recesss

 There are a variety of ways to install a recess around a cockpit. Some people like to install the recess first and then fit the strips to the existing shape. I have found it is more efficient and the results are better if I strip the deck first and then cut a hole to accept the recess.

Guillemot Kayaks Bucket Hat

Guillemot Kayaks Paddling Bucket Hat

This nylon "boonie" hat will keep the sun off your ears and face while paddling. Khaki green with a adjustment strap to snug up on all sized heads it also includes an adjustable chin strap to keep it from flying away in a stiff breeze. "Guillemot Kayaks" is embroidered on the front in case you forget how to spell the source of your boat design.

The wide brim is effective at keeping sun out of your eyes and saltwater off your glasses. The light nylon won't take up much room in your drybag

Guillemot Kayaks Cap

Guillemot Kayaks Cap

Keep the sun off  your baldspot with a black cotton military style cap with the Guillemot Kayaks logo embroidered across the front. One size fits all with a velcro adjustment on the back. Suitable for on the water or on the beach, the size can be adjusted so it doesn't blow off in a wind.

Build Your Own Stitch and Glue Night Heron at CVSW

Jan 16 2016 9:00 am
Jan 21 2016 12:00 pm

Stitch and Glue Night Heron

Build Your Own Petrel or Petrel Play

Sep 28 2015
Oct 3 2015

Meet at the Beach 2015

May 30 2015 10:00 am
May 30 2015 3:00 pm

home made kayaks on the beach in Groton

For more years than I care to remember wooden kayak enthusiasts have met at the beach at Bluff Point State Park in Groton, Connecticut. We will be gathering again this year. Come see what builders have made over the winter. Test paddle kayaks that you are interested in building. Talk to other people who like wooden kayaks.


Wooden Canoe and Kayak Building Class at WoodenBoat School

Aug 23 2015 6:00 pm
Aug 29 2015 12:00 pm

Build microBootlegger and Mystic River Tandem

If you can't make the August class, take a look at the one in June.

Fine Strip-Planked Boat Class at WoodenBoat School - Nymph Canoe and Night Heron Kayak

Jun 14 2015 6:00 pm
Jun 20 2015 12:00 pm

Build Nymph and Night Heron

Registration starts January 2nd.

If you can't make this June class, take a look at the one in August.

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