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Steve Marshal - Great Auk - Rudder

Steve Marshal - Great Auk - Rudder

Hi Nick,

I tried all over to find a suitable bracket or brackets to fix the rudder to the stern, but just couldn't. I didn't want to pay for something to be specially made, so I ended up with just 2 stainless eyes with threaded shafts. It's fairly minimal, but I figured the forces on the rudder are not great, and I can pick up the end of the boat by them, so they should be OK strength-wise. I left pieces of hardwood in the bow and stern, so there was plenty of "meat" to screw into. I also did an end-pour in the stern, just in case. Also, I was keen to be able to take the rudder system apart without unthreading the control lines from the plastic tubes that carry them inside the hull, so the holes in the rudder pedals through which the lines pass have tight-fitting slots leading into them. And I glued 1/2" dowels into the T-piece with slots in them to take the ends of the control lines. Nothing radical, but it seems to work OK.


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