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Kayak Forum Issues

I am currently experiencing technical issues with the Bulletin Board system.

My service provider recently upgraded the operating system for the server KayakForum am hosted on. As a result, the forum software has some issues. For example you can't post messages, and I can't delete the spam posts you see. The fact that you can see anything there indicates that it is not totaly broken, but it functional inactive at this time.

My service provider seems to be indicating there is nothing I can do, but I'm investigating further.


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Giving My Viewers Some Input

I have spent much of the last year editing my Making Petrel Play video series. I really enjoy sharing my building process with everyone. The feedback has been great and it has been fun learning more about video editing.

Paddling My First Kayak

Paddling the Original Great Auk

During my vacation a few weeks ago I took some time to get my first kayak out of the basement storage at my parents place in Maine and took it for a paddle. It was interesting to see that some of the things I still do, appeared on my first efforts.

My Website is 20 Years Old

Willy and MeTwenty years ago, I was sitting at my computer at my job as an Electrical Engineer for the Navy in September and October of 1994 playing around with FTP a system called Gopher when I came across a application call

Guillemot Kayaks Lincoln Ad on Vimeo

I guess does not keep their advertising pages up for very long. The video for Lincoln ran for about a month on the Time website, but then they removed the add. The director put up a copy on his Vimeo page and it is currently available there.

Guillemot Kayaks to Sell Lincoln Motor Cars??

Guillemot Kayaks Advertises Lincoln autos in


About a month ago I got a call from They were interested in using me and my boats in an ad for Lincoln.

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