Jim Mailer's Stitch and Glue Guillemot

Well here we are afloat at last.

I still have one or two wee things to finish but she's finished otherwise. As you can see she looks well in the water as demonstrated by my able assistant.I've named her The Craigie'D after Craigendoran Pier which is at the bottom of our street and is to be dismantled this year.

On the day these photographs were taken the other boat was a Nordkapp and half way though the trip I changed boats to get a good look at her. I must say that the Craigie'D is a much more stable boat and easier to control. She doesn't pull upwind at all and is very easy to paddle in any direction. Initially I had the seat too far forward but have moved it back a bit and she sits better in the water now. The cockpit is 23.5" front to back, the front is as per the drawings.

I've tryed her in a force 3/4 wind and was able to relax into an easy paddle she really is pretty stable.

The front of the boat appears here. I don't as yet have any pictures of the back which is flat, with a hatch 9.5" * 18" that I'm not sure how to waterproof yet. I think I'll paint the hull white main as I think it will be easier to see any damage and sort it before the water gets in. The deck I might just varnish or part paint part varnish to cut the boredom of the ply. The white hatch between the bilge pump and the cockpit is for sandwiches for the long days out. I'm still not sure what to use as a seat ( any ideas ). I plan to engineer a lifting blade type skeg that will lie on the back deck when not in use and when the cord is let go shock cord will pull it down into position off the stern.

This is the first boat I've built and I must say it went together very easily and was a lot of fun. Thanks again to you for the plans. I might have a go at the strip jobs later and put holes in the bottom of this one so the wife can use it.

James Mailer <jmail@globalnet.co.uk>

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