Stitch & Glue Kayak

My Stitch & Glue and my Guillemot sitting on the beach in Maine

This is a Stitch and Glue kayak of my own design. It is based on my strip built designs. It is similar in performance to my Guillemot Coastal and my Guillemot. I designed this boat because some people are intimidated by the strip-building process. While this boat is easier to build than a stripper, in my opinion it doesn't make as nice a boat. If you want to form your own opinion, the plans for this boat are available to download. After you build this, try building one of my strippers.

I tried to keep a journal as I built the prototype. George McQuade kept a journal as he built the boat below.

Eric Silverburg built a pair. He scaled down the one he made for his wife by 10%.

Jim Mailer modified the plans a little when he built his.

Here is the completed canvas version next
to the plywood version Julio made.



From reading George and my journal you can see this is not an easy boat to make. Take on this project at your own risk.

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