Building A Wood Strip Kayak

These are pictures of building a prototype I built for an article in Sea Kayaker magazine. The design is a simplified version of some of my earlier boats. Most of my other designs have a significant hollow in the bow and stern which was somewhat difficult to make. In this design I reduced the hollow. For more pictures of how I create patterns in the wood strips look here. Here are the tools required.


kayak forms

Using reference lines on the forms for alignment.

end form or stem form

The bow form mounted on the end of the 2x4.

cleats hold the forms

Cleats used to secure the forms to the 2x4.

Complete forms

All the forms mounted on the 2x4.

the first cedar strips

Laying the first couple strips.

closing the hull

Filling in the bottom.

finish the deck

Filling in the pattern on the deck.

The stripped hull

The strips meeting at the stern.

planing the hull

Planing the strips smooth.

cutting the cockpit

Cutting out the cockpit region.

stripping the recess

Filling in the perimeter of the cockpit.

stripping the coaming

Raising the cockpit combing.

installing the cheekplates

Mounting the "cheek plates."

the hatch lip

The stern hatch combing.

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