Getting Artistic With Strips

Here are some pictures I took as I built my Expedition Single. These show how I create the graphic patterns with the strips. In this case I used redwood, western red cedar and clear pine. The pattern is "solid" through the skin. It is not layed on the surface. If you are interested in more general pictures of strip-built construction look here.

I layout the long strips of the pattern first. Here I am using a spring clamp to hold a strip while I "eyeball" the pattern.

In this pattern I had strips that cross the sheer-line. Again the long strips were layed first and the sheer strip was shaped to fit. I cut the crossing strips when I was ready to remove the parts from the forms.

I then build up the strips that follow the pattern. The spring clamp is now holding a joint tight while the glue dries.

Once the basic pattern is created I fill in the gaps. Here I fill in with redwood from the sheer up.

Here I am almost done with the hard part of the filling. I've got one last small piece of pine left on the lower left and two larger areas in the stern. The section around the cockpit is fairly easy because the strips only need fitting on one end.

Here is the finished product. Here and here are more pictures.

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