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The worlds oldest online kayak related web site. The source for sea kayak trip reports, kayak building and assorted other kayaking information since 1994

Although the address has changed several times since then this page first went live September 15th, 1994.

This page is kept for sentimental reasons. My active site is here.

Sea Kayaking

corgi dog in a sea kayak

"Willy and Me"

Photo Credit: Ruth Sespaniak

I am an avid sea kayak paddler, designer and builder. The purpose of these pages is to share some of what I enjoy about kayaking. Most of my paddling is in the eastern end of Long Island Sound and Fisher's Island Sound, with excursions around most of the New England shoreline. Every year I spend a couple weeks around Frenchman Bay near Mt. Desert Island in Maine. I also get in a little white water.

In an effort to combat the lack of real content that seems to be the norm on the web, I have tried to put as much information as I can find or generate into my pages. Please feel free to contribute anything you think others might find interesting.

Subjects covered include:

High Performance Wooden Sea Kayak Designs
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