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Tandem Kayaks

Traditionally kayaks were solo boats, but a tandem or double kayak is a great way for two paddlers to get out on the water together. Working together in one boat two people can typically go faster than each would go alone. This especially useful if one paddler is less experienced or not as strong a paddler. Instead of being left behind by the stronger paddler, they both end up going faster.

Racing Kayaks

There are a lot of different kinds of racing kayaks, but almost all have the characteristic of being fast. There are several things that contribute to speed. You will often here about "hull speed" in relation to boat speed. This term is a misnomer in that it implies that there is a speed a hull will go. What it really indicates is the speed at which the hull starts to become rapidly more inefficient.

Sea Kayaks

While sea kayaks were originally designed for use on the ocean, they are at home on any large body of water or in situations where you want move efficiently for a long distance. Sea kayaks are the nearest ancestor of the original kayaks created by the Inuit and Aleut peoples of the Arctic. These original kayaks were often quite narrow and fairly long.

Recreational or Pond Kayaks

A sunny summer day on a small lake or pond just cries out for a small boat. A recreational kayak can be just the thing. Intended to be small and easy to handle, not requiring much skill, comfortable and stable, recreational kayaks provide the ideal craft for poking around, watching wildlife, or just floating care-free on a mirror smooth pond.

Varieties of Kayaks

The range of kayaks types is as varied as there are different bodies of water. Every different body of water, be it river, pond, lake, harbor or open ocean, has caused someone to design a kayak specifically to meet the demands of the locally prevailing conditions. In fact different people often have different ideas about what they want to do on their lake, bay, or brook and they look for the ideal boat to pursue the on-the-water activity of their choice.

On the Drawing Board

On the Drawing Board

I am constantly working on new designs, either to fill some performance desire I have or to meet the needs of customers. Sometimes I just have an idea that I want to play with, so I'll draw something up. These ideas may be at different stages of completion.

Other Boat Designs

Not all my designs fit neatly into one of my families of kayak designs, in fact I also design some boat which aren't kayaks at all! I put the same care and effort into these designs as I have into my families of kayak designs. These designs are the result of months of design work and are boats I have built and tested to be sure they work as I intended.

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