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Kayak Building Overview Presentation

Nick has a slideshow that provides an overview of the various methods of building wooden kayak. Topics covered include Skin-on-frame, Stitch-and-Glue, and Strip Built methods plus a discussion of repairing the boats if damaged, various outfitting techniques and making a wooden paddle. The slideshow is intended as an evening presentation for a woodworking guild or kayaking club. The length of the presentation will depend on how many questions people ask, but generally runs about 1 hour. The slide show can be tailored to the particular interests of your group.

What is Parking Lot Syndrome?

If you strap a wooden boat to your roof and drive to a put in for a paddle, you will need to learn to deal with the inevitable delays that occur when people gather around your car to ask about your boat. "Where did you get it?", "How much did it cost?", "You didn't build that.", and on and on. This is the Parking Lot Syndrome or PLS. It is the burden you will take on when you have a wooden boat on your car.

How much does a wood kayak weight?

Most wooden boats will actually weigh less than commercially manufactured boats. Because wood is structurally efficient, a boat built with it can be made quite light. The only real downside of wood is that since it is a natural material it is not necessarily consistent in its weight. And obviously different wood species will have different densities and result in finished products with different weights.

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