Strip Built

Strip Built Kayak

Strip building involves bending thin (1/4-inch [6-mm] or less) pieces of wood around temporary forms, edge-gluing them together, and then fiberglassing inside and out. It is a great method for making beautiful, lightweight, small boats. Also called "Cedar Strip", "Wood Strip", "Strip Planked" etc.

Robo-Bevel - An alternative to Cove and Bead in Strip Building

Why not Cove and Bead?

For years, the state of the art in making strip-built boats has been cove-and-bead strips. Since most boats have rounded sectional shapes, i.e. the forms have a curved shape from the sheer line to the keel line, it is inevitable that each adjacent strip is oriented at a slightly different angle relative to its neighbor. If the edge of each strip is left square, this results in slight gaps in the seam between adjacent strips.

Free Publicity from A&E Network

A&E - In Focus Profiles - Kayak Builder from Mustache on Vimeo.

Last fall a 10 person camera crew spent all day here at my shop filming a segment for the A&E Network. I had wondered for a while what happened with all that effort. Recently someone on FaceBook messaged me saying he had seen something about me. Well, the above 30 second sequence is the result of 10 to 12 peoples working all day, plus how ever long it took them to prepare before and then edit afterwards.

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