Building Strip-Planked Boats & The Strip-Built Sea Kayak

Nick Schade has been building boats using the strip-built (aka strip-planked) method since 1983. Over the years he has learned a lot about the intricacies of the process by trial and error. If he can figure it out that way, so could you, but you don't need to as he has put most of what he knows into two books.

Changes and Corrections

This page will include any updates or corrections to the information in the book. If you see any mistakes in the book, please let me know at Email Nick Schade.

The first printing had some small errors in the offsets for the Guillemot. There are a couple whacky numbers in the Keel row of the Buttocks numbers: These errors only show up in the first printing, if you purchased your book recently you should not need to make any changes.

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