Rocks, Surf, Race with Sea Sherpa

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Home to the awesome tide races of the Fishers Island Sound, surf beaches along the RI south coast and Narragansett Bay, and scenic rock gardening on the southern tip of Jamestown; we’ll go where conditions are best and paddler interest is highest.  The focus of this event is to increase comfort and expand capacities in open water.  This is a complex and varied set of venues, allowing a great opportunity for participants to hone their conditions forecasting skills.

This event is hosted by Gerry Polinsky of Sea Sherpa Kayaks. Gerry is a certified sea kayaking instructor and coach. He specializes is in an individualized learning approach that makes students comfortable it learning challenging skills.

Renowned kayak designer/builder, Nick Schade of Guillemot Kayaks.  Nick and Gerry have been playing the local waterers to this area for years and have run a number of great events together.  Nick will make available a number of his finely designed active water wood boats and at least a couple of his new composite Petrel Plays.  Super light (40lbs), incredibly burly, crazy maneuverable yet stable and inexplicably, at just 14′ just as fast as the average 17′ expedition boat, these are true “quiver killers”.  All interested paddlers should have an opportunity to give one a go.

Joey Schott is a certified and experienced kayak instructor, super innovative builder and founder of Turning Point Boatworks, builder of the composite Petrel Plays.  Joey’s use of cutting edge materials results in a much stronger/lighter boat.  He is threatening to bring along a version of the boat that integrates materials never seen in any kayak before.  His builds also feature customizable design elements allowing him to offer truly one off, personalized product.

For non locals, we have a fantastic room and board option.  We are renting bunk houses at a scenic, waterfront camp in Rhode Island.  We have stayed there before – the facility and grounds are a great fit for an event like this.  Paddling from there offers access to an awesome surf venue.  Rock, surf and tide race venues are all within an easy driving distances.  We are super excited that they have space available for us.  The bunk houses have only partial walls so are wide open to outside air. The camp is allowing 3 folks to occupy large 10 place cabins so there will be plenty of space for social distancing.  Outside catered breakfasts and dinners will be brought in and served (by the lovely Joell Jacob) in their huge, classic dining hall.  We’ll keep windows open and there is more than enough room for folks to have 10′ between them during meal times. Participants will bring their own lunch fixings, to be stored in the walk in fridge and put together while eating breakfast.

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